Fingaming is a world class IT services provider for the online gaming and sports betting industry.

We are specialists in a specialised industry. We have a deep understanding of the systems that power online gaming. It comes from years of experience. But we’re at the cutting edge of new developments as well. Outsourcing to Fingaming gives you cost-effective access to world-class expertise and service.

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Why outsourcing?

Fingaming has an established, multi-disciplinary team consisting of analysts, solution architects, programmers, testers, and support and service engineers – all with deep understanding of online gaming. With broad experience and a proven track record, we help you:

Maximise your return on IT investment, by consolidating maintenance and support activities, and improving productivity

Reduce time-to-market, programme risk and cost when building new functionality and services

Minimise downtime, improve performance and increase revenue through constant (24/7) system monitoring

Detect and preempt service degradation by deploying customized predictive analytics with event correlation


Case study

A large, UK-based, multinational sports betting and gaming operator had acquired a competitor – itself a leading global online gaming operator.

They were looking for synergies in combining the technology functions, and wanted to improve service and reduce costs.


Fingaming was chosen as the prime partner, with Finbet acting as our offshore partner for development and support.


How we helped

Our skilled and experienced technical specialists helped identify and screen the client’s legacy IT processes, and transition them to our service. The implementation was agile, focused, and executed at speed, underpinned by extensive personal interaction at all levels within the client’s team. We now provide all the IT services they need:

Software development



24/7 proactive monitoring

We have agreed custom service levels that be easily monitored, and which make the quality of service provided as transparent as possible.


Increased agility and efficiency in responding to market developments

Significant on-going cost reduction

Reduced risk, due to the robustness of our processes and higher quality service delivery

Improved competitive positioning and increased return on marketing spend as a result of the adoption of best practices and market leading technologies.

Discover extraordinary

We create and support highly sophisticated and specialised software that does extraordinary things with data for the gaming industry

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